Tourist union “Chumerna 1901” Elena town

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Tourist union “Chumerna 1901” Elena town

The tourist union “Chumerna 1901” Elena town is established on 14. 06. 1901 and it is the first on the territory of Veliko Tarnovo region. At present the union has two activities in two basic directions – of huts and sports-tourist activity.

Picture 412   It maintains the high mountain huts “Chumerna” and “Bukovets”. The two are located on the ridge of the Balkan mountain and they are a part of The European tourist route E3, which starts from the Atlantic Ocean and ends on Emine. It maintains the tourist bedroom and the tourist house in Elena.
katerachni obekti   In the tourist union work 5 tourist clubs: tourism, ski-tourism, bike tourism, sports climbing, and veteran tourists. There are 200 members in these clubs.

   In the tourist bedroom in the center of the town of Elena there is an information-recource centre, in which you can get information about the walking and biking routes in Elena Balkan, and also the basic tourist routes in the country.

   The Tourist union organizes a lot of attractions in Elena Balkan and you can hire qualified mountain guides, guides, ski instructors, mountain rescuers and instructors for attractions.

   Телефон: 0896 693169
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