Architectural - historical complex „Daskalolivnitsa”

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   Architectural - historical complex "Daskalolivnitsa" includes three museum sites open for visits - "Kambourov Inn", built into the ground church "St. Nikola" and first Bulgarian class school "Daskalolivnitsa."
Guides can be found in "GUNEVA house", which is located opposite the "St. Nicholas" church. In the church tourists can get stamps for books with 100 national tourist sites. There the books will be sealed.
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 Architectural - historical complex "Daskalolivnitsa"
towna of Elena, "Tsarkovna" Str. 1
GPS: 42.928651,25.875674

Tel.: +359 6151 61-29
Visiting hours: every day from 9:00 to 12:00, from 14:00 to 17:00

First Bulgarian class school "Daskalolivnitsa"

Picture 078    Elena`s class school, more famous as Daskalolivnitsa, was founded in 1843 by Ivan Momtchilov. It appears and develops on the basis of one centuries old literary tradition in the village and is a response to the urgent socio-economic and cultural needs of the country by trained teachers. Daskalolivnitsata is the first school in Bulgaria where teachers were educated.
   The building of Elena`s class school was built by the initiative of Ivan Momtchilov in 1844. Restored in 1968, today it is a museum in architectural and historical complex "Daskalolivnitsa."
Two exhibitions are presented:

    1. “Elena during the Renaissance” - in documents and photographs is presented the history of the town of Elena from its foundation till the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878.
   2. "Christian art of the XIX century" - on the ground are exhibited icons, church plates and murals from the destroyed church in the village of Shilkovtsi.

     Admission tax:
   Class school"Daskalolivnitsa":
Adults - 2lv, students and retired people -1lv, children under the age of 7years anddisabled people-for free.Guided tour-4lv.

Saint Nikola” Church

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In the museum complex "Daskalolivnitsa" is located "St. Nikola" church, the oldest in the area.

    On 23rd of April 1800, on Saint George’s day, the town of Elena was attacked by kardzhalii and the “Saint Nikola” church was burnt down. The church was rebuilt in 1804 by the local people. Тхе church was rebuilt for forty days and the story says that it was done without the permission of the Turkish authorities. From the outside its architecture is modest and simple. Inside the church is in accordance with the traditional orthodox style grasping the church being a mirror of the human’s soul. DSC 5594“Saint Nikola” church was painted by the famous in the old days icon – painters David and Yakov, come to Elena by Hilendar monastery invitated by Elena Municipality. Theycompleted their work in1817-1818. They were assistanted by Yoan Popovich and Yordan Mihov Kmetski.
  The church was declared a cultural valuable monument with "national importance". The decoration inside belongs to one of the best achievements in church art from the period of our early Renaissance.
   Visitors can contemplate the gallery with images of saints including: Methodi Moravski, Georgi Sofiiski Novi, Sava Srabski and St. Clement of Ohrid, which is one of the rarely portrayed in Bulgaria.
Admission taxes:

"Saint Nikola" Church: Adults - 2 lv, students and retired people - 1 lv, children under the age of 7 years and disabled people - for free. Guided tour - 4 lv.

Kamburov Inn
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   The Kamburov Inn was built in the middle of XIX century and named after its owner Stoyan Kambura who had taken part in some insurrections and has been a member of Elena`s rebellion committee. The Inn is a monument of culture with local importance.

Since 1981 the Inn is a museum with permanent ethnographic exhibition where are presented - agriculture and livestock as the main occupations of the population in the region.

Admission taxes:
"Saint Nikola" Church: Adults - 2 lv, students and retired people - 1 lv, children under the age of 7 years and disabled people - for free. Guided tour - 4 lv.

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