Maryanski monastery and Buiinovski monastery


Maryanski monastery “Sveto Preobrajenie Gospodne”

   Maryanski monastery “Sveto Preobrajenie Gospodne” is situated in the village of Maryan ,8 kilometers from Elena. on the way to Sliven. The village is situated in a flat country. It is surrounded by the rivers Borovshtitza (Ruhovska,Miikovska) and Burzitza(Kostelska). From east, north and west the village is surrounded by hills. It is opened to the south.

   According to the legend, the monastery was founded about VIII-IX . This is confirmed by the finds in this area- six capitals from Teodosievi’s pillars, four of which are kept in the National Historical Museum and the other two are in the monastery.

   The church as it looks today was built in 1835. During the earthquakes were found the grounds of an old church, in the sanctuary of which was found a marble sarcophagus. According to the legends there was a skeleton with a gospel in its hands in it and a crown on the head- symbols of the spiritual and the secular power. The residents of the village decided that they have found the mortal remains of King Boris I Mihail the Baptist. Because of the fear from the outrages of the Ottomans, the findings were hidden under the ground again.

   According to another legend in the monastery once stayed Mara (Kera Tamara)- Ivan Shisman’s sister on her way to Constantinople before to become Sultan Murad’s wife. Later after his death Mara came back there again. According to the legend the name of the village had derived from the name of the queen.

   The present monastery is operative since 1992. There you can see sacred images, made by the old master of the School in Tryavna. The patron saint’s day is on the 6th of August.

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Buiinovski monastery “St. Prophet Iliq”
   Buiinovski monastery “St. Prophet Iliq” is situated in the village of Buiinovtzi-10 kilometers south from Elena.
   Real pieces of information about the existence of the monastery date from ХVІІcentury when the territories Elena, Zlataritza, Bebrovo and Kapinovo have become vakyfski ground- property of a member of the sultan’s family and the incomes from which have gone in the treasury.
   At the end of the ХVІІІ century the attack of the robbers kyrdjalii and daalii have become more frequent. They attacked wealthy villages and monasteries.
   In 1800 daalii headed for Elena, using the Tvardishki pass. When they got to Buiinovtzi they burnt the monastery and the village. Local people and the nuns ran away in the forests.
   After the burning of the monastery nuns kept on lighting candles and float lights near the ruins. The echo of the clapper resounded for a long time. After 1836 the residents of the village decided to build a church on the place of the old one. In 1839 a steeple was built. The church is apse, with sloped roof and a window on the conch with a beautiful grid, made of forged iron. The bell is over the yard door and has a very beautiful stone cherub.
   Inside there are two plates with inscription about the renovation of the church, there are remainders of icons and mural paintings. The church has been robbed several times and now there is an alarm. The most important thing is that after 2000 they have decided to restore the girls’ monastery. Nun Sophy has come to live here. She has decided to try to regenerate the spirit of our ancestors.

Maryanski monastery: