Iconography in the renascence

Iconography in the renascence
  In the past centuries in Elena thrived church painting. The works of icon-painters complemented the dignified name "Bulgarian Bethlehem." DSC 5604
    Among the most famous master painters of the early nineteenth century
are two Hilendar monks David and Jacob, known by tradition to have been born in the hamlet of Gorni Bolertsi . They have made the unique paintings of the church "St. Nikola", among which there are images of saints Methodius Moravia, Kliment Ohridski, Sofia, New Georgi, Sava Serbian. They occupy the entire area of ​​the walls and ceiling of the temple. By its artistry and technique, grace and softness they are distinguished from all other paintings of our Renaissance and have national significance.
    Nikolai Pavlovich, who knows the development of the Bulgarian Renaissance painting, wrote in his book, written in 1867 "Restaurant for painting, how to makeit in Bulgaria": "More famous Bulgarian painters half a century ago were two priests. One of them lived in Elena and the other- priest Vitan from Tryavna. Their products are much more distinct than the works of their contemporaries ". The same painters have made an icon of St. Nicholas in the church "Assumption of Holly Mary", built in a remarkable way that has great similarity with the image of Saint Nicholas, painted over the north entrance of the church "St. Nikola". The image is shabby.The icon is kept in the Museum of the Renaissance "Ilarion Makariopolski" Elena.
  DSC 5750The collection of icons of the Renaissance Museum is located along with other valuable works of our church paintings and an icon of the Virgin Odigitriya taken from the same church "St. Nikola", which is cognate with some of the frescoes in this church. Below an icon there is an inscription: "Jacob HeІr Іzografo- 1816" which gives us the reason to assume that it is the work of Jacob one of the aforementioned painters.
    After David and Jacob in Elena worked other icon painters- John Popovich and Jordan Hadzhimihov Mayor.
    John Popovich, also known as Haji Ivancho Popraykov is a student of bolerski painters David and Jacob. Some of his icons are icon of "Virgin Birth" (1828) in Veliko Tarnovo Church "Holy Forty Martyrs" in Glojen Monastery (1826-1828 year) and the village Arbanassi church "Nativity" (1821). The majority of the icons in Svishtov church "St. Elias" are also painted by him. A well preserved collection of his icons is located in the church "St. Nikola" in Koprivshtitsa (1843), where the icon "Christ" is signed "Ruka p ion Elenorazgradski- 1843" in the "Virgin Mary" in Kapinovski monastery there is an initial icon- "Virgin Mary", signed by John Popovich of Elena (1821).
Shikovtsi 3    According to Assen Vassilev in Kapinovski monastery John Popovichhas made the frescoes above the narthex of the same church, of which the stage "Doomsday" is striking in its design and implementation. It is assumed that his job are six scenes fresco "Shestodnev", located on the wall between the narthex and the nave of the same church in the monastery. These scenes are among the most interesting of its kind in Bulgarian iconography.
     John Popovich is a good painter that achieves a masterful performance with a convincing typing of individuals, and the colors are well in harmony. For his high artistryhe he is called "Bulgarian Botticelli" and spread the fame of Elena church painting in different corners of the country.
     About him Constantine Irechek writes: "Pop Ivancho from Elena before approximately 40 years was working in the church St" Virgin Mary "in Plovdiv, at the top he painted Slavic inscription and immediately after that removed the scaffolding. When the Greeks noticed that they got really angry, but did not destroy the written. "
 SH103141  About the other painter Jordan Mayor is known that he is a student of Ivancho Popraykov. He studied iconography in Mount Athos. His famous works are the icons "Virgin Birth" (1826) in the "Forty Holy Martyrs" in Veliko Tarnovo, icons and frescoes of the church in Zheravna, together with his teacher. He has icons in the built by master Nikola Fitcheto church "St. Nikola" in Veliko Tarnovo signed "Isneaf grocery painter Jordan. About Elena 1838 "(1837-1838 years), and also in the church of Osenets, Razgrad.
   Assen Vassilev wrote: "Jordan Hadzhimihov afirst-rate master, large drawer, colorist and technician. His works are deeply moving "(" Bulgarian Renaissance masters ").
   In the collection of icons held in the Museum of the Renaissance "Ilarion Makariopolski" in Elena, there are many valuable works of Bulgarian religious art coming from Elena and the region, but due to the fact that they are not signed, we can not say anything certain about their authors. One thing is clear that in Elena worked talented Bulgarian artists. We can be sure when we visit the art gallery at the Museum of the Renaissance, where alongith the works of church art areexhibited works of many contemporary Bulgarian artists, like Professor. Christo Berberov, Jordan Kasyrov, Nicola Pindikov, Stoyan Minkov, professor Ivan Petrov, deserving artists Preslav Karshovski, Yordan Popov, professor Terziev Alexander, Ivan Milanov and others, born in Elena or the region.