House of Yordan Hadzhipetkov

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   House of Yordan Hadzhipetkov which is a monument of local importance, differs from most houses in the town of Elena with its characteristic facade. It was built on stone foundations of burned during the War of Liberation old house. It is a two stored building. Basement wallsare made from bricks.
PB180006   The entire outside wall facing the street is made from handled well shaped stones. The ground floor consists of a large shop with two entrances facing the street, three living rooms, basement and entrance hall and the upper floor is residential. The allocation of high bright rooms has the marks of representation typical for the self-esteem of the wealthy families.
   In the courtyard is preserved the father's house of Yordan Hadzhipetkov (inherited from his grandfather Hadji Todor), where was born the writer Petko  Jordanov Todorov. It hasone story to the courtyardandtwo stories to the river. The construction isplankand the eave-broad.The outer wall facing the river is covered with the typical for the architecture of the region planks and situated over the river wooden terrace. The building follows the shoreline and naturally fits into the overall silhouette of the houses situated by the river. It is one of the most characteristic in the town of Elena.
   Between the houses is located a monument of the prominent Bulgarian writer Petko Todorov.
   Mina Todorova, known from the works of the great Bulgarian poet Peyo Yavorov, was born in the new house / of Yordan Hadzhipetkov / that was built after the Russo-Turkish War. There were born two other brothers of Mina - Christo and Nicholas.
The native house of the writer Petko Yurdanov Todorov is private and now there is set up a complex named after the "air soft" Yavorov`s muse - Mina.
IMG 6535   The building has preserved its revival spirit thanks to the support over the years, and the installed tools in the yard and under the eaves remind to new generations of people who has lived in this place before. The complex includes art boutique and antique shop where the lovers of copyright creativity and beauty of antique objects can find beautiful designs; Gallery, named after the writer Petko Todorov, which presents paintings of contemporary Bulgarian artists who has recreated in their work the timeless beauty of Renaissance towns and quiet neighborhoods and the charm of the Bulgarian nature; cafe, named after the beautiful Mina- place with home comfort for gossips with friends.

Addres: Town of Elena 5070, "Ilarion Makariopolsky" str. 2
GPS: 42.930152,25.879088