Members and membership

Per the Statutes of Local Turism Council , Elena:

Article 7
   1/ In Local Tourism Council – Elena may take part:
      1. Representatives of licensed companies and categorized hotels and houses from private and public tourism business;
      2. Local governmentand local administration;
      3. Organizations and institutionsrelated to the tourism.
   2/ In the Tourism Council may take part others who take the Statute and imported determined by the General Assembly membership fee.
   3/ Successor of an organization becomes a member by right of Local Tourism Council after submitting an application by the Board to the General Assembly to notify changes.

Occurrence ofmembership
   Article 8
   1/ Members of the Tourism Council are accepted upon their written request to the General Assembly by the Board.The request shall containsa statement that the statutes and objectives of the Local Tourism Council are accepted.
   2/ Admission of new members shall be decided by the General Assembly, taken with simple majority, with prior notification on the agenda of the meeting.According to Article of Local Tourism Council, Elena.

Local Tourism Council - Elena asks all people involved in tourism in the town, to become members of the organization.This is the place where ideas can be shared, discussed and those that are feasible, to be realized with common efforts.

From here you can download the application for membership in the Local Tourism Council,

It might be presented at the Tourist Information Center in Elena or in room 320 of the Municipality Elena.

Members of the Local Tourism Council on 01.01.2014

Board of Directors:
Kostadin Dimitrov, Stoyan Dimitrov, Georgi Popov, Hristo Hristov, Ivan Truhchev, Nikola Nikolov, Jordan Jordanov, Pepa Dzhurkova, Evdokia Ukolova