Nikola Mihailovsky

   (1818 – 1892)

   Nikola Mikhailovsky is one of the colorful personalities of our Renaissance.His rich background in which there are unclear moments is indicative for his desire to be always where he was needed, to put his knowledge and skills in the service of the people.He was aneducated teacher, translator, writer, judge, legislator ...He aims to respond at any time to the needs that enslaved people, and the young country feel, needs for educated and trained people with Bulgarian heart.

   The birth date ofNikolaMihaylovski is not known.What is known is that he was born in 1818 in Elena, that he was brother of Ilarion Makariopolski and father of Stoyan Mihaylovski.Known are many other moments from his biography of a Bulgarian from the Ottoman yoke.

   Nikola Mihaylovski is one of the most educated Bulgarians in that time.He graduated from high school in Athens, and then studied at History and Philology Faculty in Moscow with doctorate in philosophy (the year was 1848).He returned to Bulgaria and taught in Elena, Veliko Tarnovo, Sliven (1854-1870).At the same time he developed active social and educational activities.Guidelines of these activities are diverse: he issues in Istanbul newspaper "Wizard" on which pages he fought against Phanariot clergy, he was the founder of the Tarnovo school spell, he drew books, translated books, wrote artwork.

   It is interesting the activity of Nikola Mihaylovski as a writer and researcher.He tries to fill the gap in our cultural development, which was a result of five centuries of slavery.He drew "Little Bulgarian reader" and then "Small Bulgarian pismovnik or samples of various letters", he translated "Historical studies in Ohrid and Ipekskata archbishopric ", he drew "Short zemleopisanie", was dealing with the history, political economy, he translated several novels with historical themes and two novels from the life in America and so on..His books were issued in Vienna, Istanbul and Rousse.

   After the liberation as one of the prominent Bulgarian Nikola Mihaylovski participated in the Constituent Assembly, which adopted the Tarnovo Constitution, then became chairman of the Tarnovo District CourtIn 1880 he was appointed Judge of the Supreme Court of Cassation. After two years of refereeing Nikola Mihaylovski became Vice-Chairman of the State Council and Chairman of the Vakuf committee, MP, member of the committee at the Ministry of Justice, which is responsible for preparing a draft of the Law of Obligations and Contracts.

   With all these social and legal obligations Nikola Mihaylovski did not overlookhis scientific and literary interests: he was a professor of Greek language and literature at the Higher School (later Sofia University), from 1875 he is a member of the Bulgarian Literary Society (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences), and from 1884 its honorary member.

Nikola Mihailovsky died in1892.

                                                               According to materials of Georgi Hristov Georgiev.