Konstantin Nikiforov

konstantin nikiforov   The merits of the family of Nikifor Popkonstantinov from Elena, which starts from priest Marko from Bagalevtsi neighborhood, doesn’t limit with the Homeland. His heirs - the son – major Nikiforov and the grandson general Nikiforov – Jurin performed deeds with national importance.
Big love to the science and Russia, tied up together, are typical for the family. If the father is a graduate of The Seminary of Odessa, his son Konstantin Nikiforov graduates a real High School in Nikolaev city (1876), Konstantinovski Military School (1878) and the Artillery Academy (1883) in St. Petersburg. The recommendation of Prince Alexander Dondukov – Korsakov with which he entered and received an excellent attestation assigned to the first lieutenant Nikiforov in his Homeland the service Assistant Chief of Artillery and professor of artillery at the Military School. The young Bulgarian Army needs such talents like Nikiforov and Radko Dimitriev. The son of the teacher and founder of the Community Center in Elena gives his strength to The Military Science. The lieutenant pulled from the stores the guns of Krupovo, taken from the Turks in the War of Liberation to replace the Russian guns; he made them a description in Russian and Bulgarian and in that way he put the base on the tactical terminology in Bulgarian artillery. At a crucial moment for Bulgaria captain Nikiforov, only 29 years old, takes over control of the War Department September 8, 1885 at the suggestion of Prince Cantacuzino. The act of the Unification is just made. This event is supported by the native masses and provoked the interference of the Great powers in accordance with their interests in the Balkans. Russia announces against the Unification, because considers that it will lead to the stabilization of Alexander I, who was staying on the Bulgarian throne.
   The war is expected by the Ottoman Empire, but it comes from Serbia. Captain Nikiforov is one of those who understood that the Slav country would start a war. On September, 23 he orders the arming of Vidin fortress and Chief of General Staff orders the reinforcing the Serbian border. Nikiforov takes measures to ensure Petrohan Pass necessary for the connection between North and Southwest Bulgaria and attracts the volunteer corps to protect the western border regions.
    The young minister acts as a great military strategist and organizer. He wins high trust with his personal example. On November 5, 1885 alone, due to the lack of technical staff he repairs four dilapidated guns, works 24 hours continuously to help the front.
    He assumed this service ill and did not pay attention to his chest illness. Personally, Prince Alexander recognizes his great contribution to the victory in the Serbo-Bulgarian War: “A big part of our success in the war is thanks to you, I promote you to the rank of major and approve you in this rank.”
    That doesn’t affect the relations between major Nikiforov and the prince. He condemns the abusive insults of the prince Alexander to Russia; he stays on the side of a group of officers-dethroners, without taking a side in the act on August, 9 1886. Without his consent is included in the new parliament, headed byMetropolitanKliment.
    The first Bulgarian Defense Minister, Major Nikiforov resigned on August, 31 and devoted himself to science. He wrote a textbook of artillery cooperate magazine "Military Journal," became one of the founders and a Fellow of the renewed newspaper "Tarnovo Constitution." A disease puts an end to his creative acts on January 20, 1891. A short life that leaves a mark in the construction of new Bulgaria.