The legends

The legends about Elena

It is hard to write history where there are no literary antiquities for the past of the settlement. Elena, ruined and burned down twice during Ottoman empire - the first time in 1800 from Kardzhali bandit gang and the second time - in 1877 by the hordes of Suleiman Pasha does not possess documents that can be seen or at least to make clues about its foundation. Historical records show Elena with its surroundings - hamlets and villages, it is obvious that it is not a new settlement, it was probably founded before 250-300 years, after the fall of Tarnovo (1393g.) and became a center – a church of the surrounding countryside. Very old church books and documents were destroyed in the burning of the old church "St. Nikola" from brigand. However we have the following information:
Document 1
Georgi Rakovski in his poem “Forest traveller” told from Mladen, offered for a historical truth that the town was named after Queen Elena, the wife of king Asen.
   “Forest traveller” by Georgi Rakovski 1857

Document 2
Another story says that the name of the town comes from the old church “St. Nicola” which has been consecrated on the feast of “St. St. Constantine and Elena” and therefore the settlement was named Queen Helena.

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Document 3
Based on a Turkish register for the groomed and diameti in Nikopol district by 1430. it is clear that the land "Elena" was called the same way before the Turkish rule. Turks preserved the name of the place. They had assigned it to the category of "mezrite" meaning - deserted village levels, field, fallow land. At that time called the "Mezra Istarmena determination", which means - a steep Elena.
„Building material for history of Elena town” by Marko Dichev, 1931 г.

Document 4
At the end of the 14th century dramatic events happened; Ottoman invasion reached the lands of the capital Tarnovo. In 1393 the city fell under Ottoman rule. Tradition tells about many nobles who sought refuge in the inaccessible forests of the mountain. Many of the settlements in Elena are supposedly named after their first settlers - boyars