Velchova Conspiracy

    Despite all the hardships and trials waking spirit of the people of Elena continued to maintain longing for freedom.People from Elena did not cease to participate actively in the struggle for national differentiation and political freedom.

    Under the influence of the Russian victorious wars in this region was alive the belief in "Grandpa Ivan Moskovetsa".

    In connection with the Greek uprising of 1821 and the likelihood that Russia will declare war on Turkey, in Elena was founded "Conspiracy".It involved as conspirators merchants, craftsmen, teachers and priests: Hadji Stoyan Mihalyuv (father of IlarionMakariopolski), Hadji Yordan Bradata, Kuru Nikola Momtchilov (father of Ivan Momtchilov), Hadji Krustyo, Hadji Tsoncho, teacher Andrew Robovski and others.At the head of cospirators was one of the richest notables of the village of Elena - Hadji Ivan Kissyov, who was poisoned by the Pasha of Tarnovo, obviously, to get rid of any investigations after the bloody massacre of the Greek uprising.

    When Russo – Turkish war was declared in 1828 – 1829, when Russians soldiers crossed the Balkan and entered Sliven, Yurdan Nenov from Rainovtsi neighborhood, he was at the age of sixty, but in good health, he was accompanying the troupfrom Elena, which was guided by Nedyu from Papratliva neighborhood they appeared in Russion in Sliven. For the fact that he repaired the guns of the conspirators, Yurdan Nenov was a prisoner for three months in Odrin and was called “Moskov gyaur”.

    Significant trace the people of Elena leave in the memorial Velchova Conspiracy organized by Georgi Mamarchev in 1835. Among the most famous conspirators from Elena were: Hadji Yordan Bradata, Ivan Karshov, Krusty Slavov Simitya, Andrey Popdoynov Robovski, Hadji Stefan Bobchoolu, pop Sava, Christo Karshov, Ivan Hadzhimomchilov, monk Theodosius from Kapinovski Monastery and monk Sergius from Ruhovtsi village.

    The center of conspirators was Plakovski monastery with abbot Hadji Sergius who sworn the leaders and was among the fiduciaries.Pretending that he was collecting builders to restore the Varna fortress destroyed in the last war, master Dimitar Sofialiyata recorded hundreds of volunteers ready on the appointed day on Easter 1835, to storm the Turkish barracks in Tarnovo.Preparation was successful, the organizers divided Tarnovo into areas with officers all were arming themselves.In Elena area the person responsible for this region - Hadji Yordan Bradata drawn up a list of participants, and he was conducting meetings.

    During the preparation, however, was committed a treason by Chorbadji Yordan Kissyov who took part in the conspiracy claiming to be a trustee.Some suggested that he was initiated into the conspiracy by his brother Hadji Milan.It is also considered that the betrayal was an expression of an old enmity - the father of the betrayer - Hadji Ivan Kisyov- killed the brother of Hadji Yordan Bradata - Hadji Panaiot to obsess his property and his pretty wife.The heirs of Hadji Kissyov, after that incident felt mortal fear of retribution from other brothers of Hadji Panaiot and especially from the influential and rich Hadji Yordan Bradata. Hadji Yordan Kissyov took advantage of the fact that his godfather Hadji Yordan Bradata was one of the leaders of the conspiracy.The traitor informed the Turkish authorities in Tarnovo for the envisaged revolt and announced by name its organizers.

    In the night of 5 April 1835 Plakovski monastery was surrounded by zaptiehs and there were found the leaders George Mamarchev, Andon Nikopit and Hadji Sergius. They were arrested and the monastery - plundered and burned.The same fate befell the neighboring - Kapinovski monastery.The other leaders including Hadji Yordan Bradata were arrested too.The organizers were brutally tortured and with emergency proceedings - sentenced to death by hanging.All this happened so suddenly that made a striking impression on the contemporaries.On Saturday, April 6 were hung Velcho Dzhamdzhiyata and Dimitar Sofialiyata.A few days after Easter in Turnovo were hung Hadji Yordan Bradata and Kolju Gaitandzhiata.Padre Sergius, after having been tortured to death, was exiled in Maglizh monastery, where he recently died on January 30, 1836.

    Deaspite the profound shock from the tragic end of the conspiracy the people of Elena continued to participate in the struggles for national freedom.In Elena region haydutuva Koeman chieftain from the village of Plakovo who after the discovery of Velchova Conspiracy was killed in the village of Sredni kolibi in a shootout with Turkish hordes.

    During the Crimean War (1853-1856 year) Georgi Rakovski several times visited the house of pop Hristo Karshov in Elena and Stoyan Kambura in Yovkovtsi neighborhood.In the famous insurrection of Captain Dyado Nikola in 1856 participated Stoyan Kambura, Martin Peev and Ivan Pophristov Karshovski.In the First Bulgarian Legion (1861-1862 year), organized by Rakovsky in Belgrad participated Ivan Pophristov Karshovski and Nikola Kochilov.In the detachment of Panayot Hitov participated Ivan Pophristov Karshovski- as chief clerk of the band, his brother Krustyo and Hristo Hadzhiyurdanov Bradel- son of Hadji Yordan Bradata.In this time in the detachment of Filip Totyu took part Dimitar Tsonev, Nikola Ivanov, Stefan Petkov and Mihail Tzanev.

    Ivan Pophristov Karshovski took part in the Second Bulgarian Legion of 1867-1868 year too.In the detachment of Hadji Dimitar and Stefan Karadza participated Mihail Yordanov and Simeon Milkov from Bebrovo village.Together with Botev crossed the Danube in the rebellious 1876 pop Sava Katrafilov "right hand" of the Chieftain Hristo Botev, Yordan Pophristov Karshovski- clerk of the detachment, Hristo Rabadjiev.