Kitchen for children in the town of Elena

detska yasla     The nursery in the town of Elena was established in 1960. Initially for its needs was used the building of the dormitory.Later in 1967 was built a new building for the purpose, which is located in "Iv. Momtchilov" Str. № 52.The capacity of the nursery is currently 38 children, divided into two groups.Highly qualified staff of 14 people takes care of the children.The conditions of upbringing and education are very good.Living environment meets the requirements for safety, aesthetics and comfort.The interior and the arrangement of the groups are in accordance with the age and individual needs of the children.The yard of the nursery has a high fence, it is gated, secured and well maintained.
  The main objective in the activity of the nursery is:
-Qualified health care and care of the children;
- Education and training in early childhood;
- Active communication with parents.

   The nursery has its own kitchen and prepareshealthy meals as required by physiological standards of nutrition for children to three years.On01.06.2012 with Decision 64 / 18.05.2012 was open Children`s kitchen for children from 10 months to 3 years.

  The service is for children who are not registered in the nursery and is not linked with the receiving of benefits and leave. Its price is 1,80 lv. per day.

Needed documents for the use of the service:
- Application form;
- Copy of birth certificate;
- Medical note child's diet - issued by a doctor;

Address: Elena, ул. ‘’Ivan Momchilov’’Str. 52
Telephone: 06151/6374