Massage and beauty salon in hotel "Perun"

   This place offers the classical whole massage, partial massage, face massage and anti-cellulite massage, as well as a set of procedures.
   Address:"Ilarion Makariopolski" Str.32, next to the hotel’s pool Picture 287
   GPS: 42.929539,25.875961
   Telephone: 0883 48 23 25
Massage prices:
*Whole – 14lv
*Partial – 7lv.
*Anti-cellulite – 7lv
*Face – 5lv
*A set of 10 sessions of anti-cellulite procedures – 50lv

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Massages at hotel "Eleni palace"

Picture 275   Besides the comfortable accommodation places this hotel offers classical massages made by professional masseurs. The whole massage is 30lv and the partial – 20lv.

Work schedule: contact the receptionists in the lobby or call the hotel to book an hour.

Address: Elena city, "Ivan Kirilov' No 6. "Eleni palace" hotel
GPS: 42.930529,25.877608

Contacts: 06150/63-25; 0899946212

Massage saloon at the "Kandaferi" guest house, Miikovci village

   During the visit of the Miikovci village our guests can also take advantage of a massage:

   - Classical; 420377 428066600575143 1253475240 n
   - Aromatherapy;
   - Massage with chocolate;
   - Healing massage with honey;
   - Anti-cellulite programs;
   - Hygienically cosmetic facial massage;
   - Face therapy with Bulgarian yogurt etc.

Contacts : 0887342635
Work schedules: the weekends
Address: Elena municipality, Miikovci village, "Kandaferi" guest house
GPS: 42.848581,25.93594

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Massages at hotel "Central"
The hotel offers whole and partial massage with a prior booked session. There is a sauna next to the massage room.
Working schedule : on call at the reception of the hotel

Address: Elena city, “Stoian Mihailovski” str No 4 , hotel “Central”
GPS: 42.929861,25.879828
Contacts: 0886 220 338