Holiday of Elena pork ham

      555Празник на Еленския бут     
                             25 October 2014

    The holiday of the Elena pork ham is now a tradition and is being organized with the initiative from the local tourism council and the Elena municipality. It takes place every last Saturday of each October with the main idea being to revive the forgotten tradition of the Elenian fair that was held on Dimitrovden – a big Christian holiday.
jjs  No one really remembers eactly when the elenian people found the recipe for this delicacy but what is known for sure is that the taste is one of a kind and recognized all over the country. The place where the event is hold is the town’s market place which turns into an arena of recreations of old traditions, attractions, food and wine tasting, races and exhibitions.
imagesThe recreation of the old elenian tradition turns the old memory of singeing a pig over a trap into a ritual in which participate only men. The masterly thin chopped elenian but that is carefully arranged on plates makes everyone hungry and attracts them to taste it. The masters of the biggest and tastiest elenian buts compete for prizes. The women don’t want to leave behind their men and so they show off their cooking skills by cooking the tastiest dishes and by that they show us that the specialty makes up for excellent dishes as well.
   The rich folklore program is too present at that event. In the market-place demonstrations of old elenian crafts as well as attractions for the kids take place.

   In this picture gallery you can view some of the most interesting and attractive moments from the events in 2012 and 2013.
   The people from Elena greet their guests very warmly !
   You’re welcome too !