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National Association of the Municipalities in Bulgaria

   The national Association of Municipalities in Bulgaria was founded in 1994 to represent and protect the interests of local authorities, to help to be built a strong, responsible and sustainable local government,to develop an effective partnership with the central government and other Bulgarian and foreign organizations.

RegionalAssociation of the Municipalities"Yantra"

   The regional Association of Municipalities "Yantra" was established in 1999. Currently its members are: Veliko Tarnovo, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Elena, Zlataritsa, Liaskovets, Pavlikeni, Polski Trumbesh, Suhindol and Strajitsa. The association covers almost the entire territory of Veliko Tarnovo district. The main goal of the Association is to work to build a strong local government by supporting the local authorities in solving their common problems, increasing public understanding of local self -government, as well as activation of the civil participation of young people.

Regional Association of Municipalities "Central Stara Planina"

The regional Association of Municipalities "Central Stara Planina" was founded in 1997 and covers the municipalities located in the northern part of the Central Balkan Mountain - Antonovo, Apriltsi, Gabrovo, Dryanovo, Elena, Etropole, Letnitsa, Lovech, Lukovit, Sevlievo, Teteven, Troyan, Tryavna and Yablanitsa. The main goal of the association is to support the activities of local authorities in the region, to unite and defend the interests of municipalities in the region and to work for the development of strong local government. The association receives financial and technical support by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

Association "For clean villages"

"Associationfor Vesselina"

"Association of the Revival towns - Renaissance for the 21st century"

Association "Municipal Network for Energy Efficiency - EcoEnergy"

"Association of Municipal Forests"

"Association of water supply and sewerage- VelikoTarnovo"

"Association of Municipalities with villages and areas of historical and cultural heritage’’

‘’Business Centre for Support of SMEs, Ruse’’

Peace Corps

 Peace Corps is an agency of the United States government, established in 1961 by the President John Kennedy in support of the world peace and understanding. In accordance with the request made by the government of Bulgaria in September 1990 was signed an agreement between the two countries. The Peace Corps begin its work in the country in June 1991, when 26 volunteers from Unite States - English teachers arrive in Bulgaria. From 2003 in the municipality of Elena Peace Corps has its own volunteer from the program "Environment". In 2004 he was joined by a second volunteer from "Sport and tourism" Program.


 The Covenant of experts was set up by the idea of ​​the association Leader Board and provides professional advice to government when taking decisionson strategic for the country issues. The main goal of the Covenant is to apply the model of the European Union institutions and in case of general for the country issues related to business, entrepreneurship, international economic contacts to establish expert principle of management and decision making. In February 2004 Elena was certified by the National Convention of Experts as "A city with high prestige and contribution to the reputation of Bulgria."

MunicipalityVolfsbah- Austria

The small municipality  Volfsbah is located in the heart of the Mostviertel region - Lower AustriaAs a settlement Volfsbah dates back from around 823 years and during its long history withstand the vicissitudes of time - the wars against France and the two world wars.After 1945 the municipality of Volfsbah is with continuously prosperous development. Today Volfsbah is an example of a modern both economically and culturally municipality. It is remarkable that there are 32 associations - churches, music, literature, theater and other organizations with over 1,000 members; kindergarten, primary and secondary school.In 1999 the municipality Volfsbah was awarded with the highest award in the field of Culture of the Province of Lower Austria. On 31.08.2003 Volfsbah municipality was declared Marktgermeinde - higher administrative category.