100 National Tourist Sites

The organization "Discover Bulgaria - 100 National Tourist Sites" was founded in 1966 initiated BTU (Bulgarian Tourist Union) in order to create interest in the most important and biggest tourist sites in Bulgaria. These are landmarks, museums, cultural and historical monuments, which are our national relics.

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  Sites in the town of Elena: №60 town of Elena - "Ilarion Makariopolski" Museum - house №60 town of Elena - Architecture - historical complex "Daskalolivnitsa"( guides can be found at Guneva`s house)

Address: "Ilarion Makariopolski" Museum - house, town of Elena, "Dojno Gramatik" 2 Str.
GPS: 42.93023,25.879689

Architecture - historical complex "Daskalolivnitsa", Tsarkovna Str.
GPS: 42.928659,25.875633

4  DSC 5721 Къща музей Ил. Макариополски