Villas "Stoychevtsi"
Stoichevtsi village
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kids creche
ski/ski piste
outdoor eating place
TV in main room
bathroom on floor
electric heating
pets allowed
   Villas "Stoychevtsi" and "Shilkovtsi" are one extremely attractive offer for your holiday in Elena Balcan which was due to the fact that the places where they are located were precisely researched and selectedTo offer choice to the tourists, they are located in two different areas.

    There you will find peace and quiet, homely atmosphere with all needed comforts for a pleasant holiday. A real green oasis of peace and tranquility in the bosom of the Balkan Mountains. Two of the villas are located in Shilkovtsi village 10 km from the town of Elena, and two in Stoychevtsi village 4 km from Elena, near Yovkovtsi dam.

    The villas in Stoychevtsi village are situated on a place where guests could do walking, gather mushrooms and herbs, do picnic and even hunting. Fishmongers can try their luck in "Yovkovtsi" Dam and catch carp or crucian.

    Each villa has two bedrooms with common bathroom, a cozy living room and fully equipped kitchen. In the spacious yard there is a special place where guests can park their cars. If renting one of the villas it is obligatory to try the barbecue in the yard. Enjoyable company, good drink and some of the famous delicacies from Elena`s region and it is for sure you will plan to come back for vacation.

    Only 100 meters from Yovkovtsi dam, at 380 meters above sea level in the Shilkovtsi village are situated two other villas that you can rent. The total capacity here is twelve beds too. From the panoramic terrace you can enjoy the beautiful scenery while sipping your morning coffee or chatting with your friends.

    The owners offer to their guests fully equipped modern kitchen, where they can prepare their food by themselves.


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