Tasting of dairy products in the “Dairy – Elena”

   “Dairy – Elena” is located in the industrial zone of the town of Elena, 2 km away from the town center, on the road leading to the town of Veliko Tarnovo. The administrative building is built in a traditional regional style, surrounded by lots of greenery and flowers. For better performance, there is a furnished hall where tourists can taste the dairy products of “Dairy Elena”. The technologist himself by means of Multimedia presents the whole process of collecting and processing the milk and the storage of the ready dairy products. In the cosy atmosphere of the hall, visitors can taste the varied assortment - yoghurt, ayran, cheese, yellow cheese. Tourists can also taste other products from Elena region.

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   In front of the main building of “Dairy – Elena”, on the main road from the town of Veliko Tarnovo, there is a shop offering all dairy products made in the creamery.

  Prices for groups visits (consisting of minimum 10 people): 6 lv per person
   GPS: 42.930081,25.900608
    For more information and bookings: Tourist Information Centre Elena
    Visits: Monday to Friday; Saturday untill 1 P.M.; Sunday - day off

   BCC Handel Ltd., 5070 Elena, "3rd March" Str. 19
   Tel.: +359 6151 6368, +359 887097329