Sweet memories from the past - customs and traditions from Elena region

     One of the wonderful things that you can enjoy in Elena is the restoration of customs and traditions from Elena region.When ordered in advance for your good mood will take care amateur troupes from Cultural Center "Progress-Elena-1863" and the school "Ivan. N. Momtchilov ".Like each part of Bagaria Elena region keeps its unique traditions associated with the lifestyle and Christian holidays.Today we can touch the authentic culture of "old Elena" conserved alive by people of Elena and transmitted to younger generations.

Koledarian Bunch "Mlada Boga”
   The circle dictates when Demetrius come, and St. Nicholas pass when blow cold winter winds and the fire crackles in the fireplace, than come time for waiting for Christmas.
From Ignazhden young boys and young men gather in the home of stanenik to recall old and learn new songs to be able to bless the old and young, when the time comes.

   It is good that this ancient tradition maintained in our region too.Twenty boys from Koledarian Bunch "Mlada Boga" divided by age into two groups from years give joy to the people of Elena and guests at Christmas.

   Koledars as the order is dressed in folk costumes, belted in red belts, wear cloaks and on the heads - shaggy fur hats in their hands a constant companion is the crook, on which are put buns generously given by the hospitable hosts.

   The doors of our homes are open for carol blessing, because the magic words uttered by koledari, are a guarantee for a better, healthier, and happier future - until next Christmas.

   Koledari (3) Koledari (4) Koledari

Lazarus-formation "Balkandzhiiche"

      Lazaruvane custom is celebrated one week before Easter.Before that 12-13 year old girls gather in their homes to practice songs and games for the holiday.On Sunday, the girls dressed in new clothes, with a crown from vegetation on the heads, with a flower behind the ear and baskets in the hand are going from one house to another .In front of each house they divide into two groups, the one sings and the other dances and plays with the baskets.They sing special songs for a boy, for a girl, for a bride.... The hostess is giving honey and a loaf of bread and gives to each a piece of bread coated with honey, and the girls call: "To get a lot of honey, the bees to be glued and to stay at home rather than flee to foreign courts."Hostess donates the girls with eggs, flour, wheat and put them in baskets.

 Lazarov (3) Lazarov (4) Lazarov


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