Rock climbing

   The only set up routes for rock climbing in Elena region are located near Bukovets hut. The chalet is located 23 km from the town of Elena, on the highest part of the passage Tvarditsa- Elena.

1.13   There are developed 11 climbing routes on 3 rock massifs with light and moderate difficulty.The rocks are an ideal place for initial training in rock climbing for children and adults.
  Equipment and instructors can be hired from Tourist association "Chumerna 1901", Elena. If ordered in advancefor groups can be organized rock climbing, rope trolley, picnic and sport games.

  The area surrounding the hut is suitable for hiking and skiing, orienteering and camping.
  GPS: 42.790079,25.887145 – Bukovets hut

  Tourist association "Chumerna 1901"
   Address: Elena, „D-r Hristo Momchilov” Str. 9
   Telephone: 0896 693169

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