Tasting of Elena pork ham and wine

   There is no way to stay in Elena and not to taste the pork ham of Elena, homemade wine and plum brandy prepared by Truhchev family! The visit includes a lecture,concerning the whole technology of producing ofthe pork ham and tasting the meat delicacies made ​by the kind householders in a cosy atmosphere of the region. Upon request, guests can sip homemade plum brandy or wine. 

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   The goodfood of Truhchevfamilyis a trademark in the same place you can enjoy the great taste of roast lamb or pig, cow head in tripe, stuffed carp, stewed rabbit and many other culinary surprises.

  A preliminary request by telephone is needed 0888 643264

   Venue: TavernTruhchev” in the town of Elena or Complex "Truhchevata house" in the village of Valchevtsi
   Price: 10 lv per person* (price per personfor groupsover15 people)
   * In the price are included a lecture and consumption of 100 g of pork ham for each person

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