“Photo hunting”

     Photo hunting is the practice of looking for animal and plant species to be photographed in their natural habitat and environment. As a broad concept with the expression “photo hunting” is characterized the recording of unique, untouched, little known places in nature, which impress with their beauty as well as natural attractions.

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   Elena Balkan managed to preserve its nature untouched. Elena Municipality is rich in forest vegetation, which belongs to two zones: zone of the oak and beech - pine zone. The most disseminated from the deciduous trees are: oak / winter oak and cerris /, hornbeam / plain and brown /, maple, linden, beech and others. As their companions one can meet elm, maple, ash, cherry, pear, crab, etc..
   Equipped with desire and patience you may have a chance
to add to your photo albums some pictures of the brown bear, wolf, fox, wild boar.It is likely in front of your carsuddenly to runaroeor a deer.  The small game in Elena Balkan is presented by rabbits, partridges, quails, etc.And high up there near Chumerna peak could be seenhawksand falcons.Squirrels you could see in front of the Tourist Information Centre in the town of Elena, as well as in the park "Kaleto".
SH100879   In the southern end of the municipality is located the reserve "White Cow", situated in the area of Kostel village and covering a territory of ​​91 ha.This area was declared a reserve in order to "preserve the pristine nature of the centuries old beech forest."Only on the rocks of "White Cow" you can see and photograph one tiny and tender plant - flower endemic known as Micromeria.The second reserve in the municipality of Elena "Haidushki Chukar" is located in the village of Buynovtsi.

The natural landmark "Waterfall" (Hristovski Falls), "Yovkovtsi" Dam and countless unique places in nature remained hidden even from our eyes can be sealed by the cameras of amateur and professional photographers.

For groups are availableexperienced mountain guides who will show you the most beautiful places in Elena Balkan

   Tourist Association "Chumerna 1901," Elena
   town of Elena, „D-r Hristo Momchilov” Str. 9
   Contact telephone numbers: 0896 693169
   GPS: 42.929272,25.878133