Swimming pools

Indoor swimming pools

  SAM 1971 Indoor swimming pool in hotel “Perun”
      In hotel "Perun" guests can use a swimming pool with children's section, which is open during the whole year. It offers a bar, a massage studio and cosmetics too.
   Address: Elena, “Ilarion Makariopolski"Str. 32
   GPS: 42.929547,25.87588
   Telephone: 0886 228662

Indoor swimming pool in hotel “Eleni palace”
Hotel "Eleni Palace" offers to its guests and visitors indoor pool length - 13 m, width - 7 m, depth - 1.60 m, temperature - 28-29 degrees. There is also a sauna, changing rooms and showers. In a neighboring room, fitness enthusiasts can indulge in sports and peace-seekers to get a massage. Guests of the hotel use the SPA center free.

   Address: town of Elena, „Ivan Kirilov”Str. 6,Hotel “Eleni Palace”
   Telephone: 06150/63-25; 0899946212

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Outdoor swimming pools

Outdoor swimming pool next to the stadium in Elena

  The swimming pool is open during the summer season and has waterfalls, pools of three levels, separated by partitions for children, adolescents and adults with standard maximum depth of 180 cm. The pool is an ideal place for water sports competitions, swimming, water polo and more.
  At the pool operate a bar and arestaurant with 40 seats.
  Prices: Children under the age of 12 years - 3lv., Adults - 4 lv.The price includes use of one lounge. Next to the pool there is a volleyball court with sand bedding. In the area there is a red tennis court, a stadium, a park for recreation, alleys for running, a playground,a sauna and a strength training room.

   Hours: from 11.00 A.M. till 7.00 P.M.
   Address: town of Elena, Karshovska Str. 31
   Telephone: 0898 43 5921
   GPS: 42.924668,25.876395

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Outdoor swimmimg pool in “Boaza” Inn

  The pool is located in the garden-restaurant of "Boaza" Inn and runs throughout the whole summer season. Its depth is of 1.20 m to 1.80 m and is connected to a children's pool for younger guests. For lovers of water is built a wet bar with 10 seats in the water. Complex "Boaza" Inn has 140 places for accommodation.

  For inquiries and reservations: 06151 / 6203, 0895 421 133
  GPS: 42.970241,25.895755

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Outdoor swimming pool in hotel “Central”

   The outdoor swimming pool of hotel “Central” is located in the center of the town of Elena. Approximate size-10/6 m and a depth of 1.50 to 1.80 m. The price includes use of a lounge. Login: 4 lv . Children under the age of 12 years are not allowed unaccompanied.Visitors of the pool can use the cafe of hotel "Central", which offers hot and cold drinks. There are 40 seats in the bar and 30 in the summer garden.
Hours: 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.. Address: town of Elena, „Stoyan Mihailovski” Str.4 Telephone: 0886 220 338 GPS: 42.929468,25.880103

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Outdoor swimming pool at “Kostadinovi houses”

At "Kostadinovite houses" there is an outdoor pool measuring 15/8 meters and a depth 1.5 m. Next to the pool there is a tavern, which is a cosy place to relax. Guests and visitors can use the pool during the whole summer season. „Kostadinovi houses” are a complex consisting of three houses offering to its guests rooms furnished in typical Elena region style, delicious Elena dishes and unique view of the whole Elena Balkan.Prices: 3 lv. – adults; 2 lv. – children Hours: from 8:30A.M. to 24 P.M. Address: town of Elena, „Chukani” Str.1 Telephone: 0878 911 511GPS: 42.940779,25.880717

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