“Elena” Horse club

   Our horses are the happiest horses in the whole world! That might sound a bit immodest but just think about it – merging with the horizon lush green fields, forest woods, crystal-clear mountain creeks, fresh mountain air containing the aroma of herbs,a sky that is full of stars and makes us think about the infinity. A tranquility that can only be broken by the songs of the birds – what more does a horse need to feel happy and free?
DSC 8854   If you don’t believe in what we say – ask Subka, Pepina, Europe, George, Perun, Freedom, Charmy, Marta, Perl, Maia and Kukla /the youngest member of our horse family/.
   Our philosophy Is based on love, understanding and respect for the horses!
   Let your journey begin here – from our little heaven on earth, the lush green fields with freely grazing horses on them, the chilly centuries old forests, the rumbling creeks, the birds singing in the morning and the frogs – during the night. Let your mind, body and soul merge with those of the horses and feel reborn with the experience that “Elena” Horse club offers.
If you have never been on a horse we will help you fulfill this dream of yours and to build a unique connection with the horse. And if you are an experienced horse rider you can enjoy the beauty of Elena nature. On your trip you’ll come across beautiful and virgin areas – creeks, valleys, rocky areas and forests, you will gallop across the endless fields, go up the hiking routes and cross wild mountain streams.

  Our instructors crew – Maya Kozhuharova, Borislav Neikov, Viktor Jovchev, Rene De Rik, Je Verdonk, will make sure that you’ll have an unforgettable holiday in Elena.

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   Here you can practice horse riding at all levels:
   ·         Riding for beginners / riding school/
   ·         Advanced horse riding – horse tracks to natural and historical sites in the region.
   ·         Practical seminars with guest-instructors
   ·         Horse riding for your whole family
   ·         Camps for children that learn languages and horse riding
   ·         Teambuilding with horses etc.

   Price list:
   1. Riding for begginers / riding school / DSC 2065
      30 lv for one hour with an instructor
      50 lv for two hours with an instructor
      60 lv for three hours with an instructor
   2. Subscription card for horse riding
      100 lv for one week - 8 hours with an instructor
      150 lv for one month - 16 hours with an instructor
  3.  Horse riding for experienced horse riders /horse tracking/
      40lv for 2 hours of horse riding with a guide
      70 lv for 4 hours of horse riding with a guide
      80 lv for 5 hours of horse riding with a guide
     100 lv for a day’s march – 6 hours with a guide
     120 lv for two days’ march – a total of 10 hours with a guide
     350 lv for five days’ march – a total of 18 hours with a guide
         */this offer is available only for groups with a minimum of two people/

  The price includes: A horse, the equipment for horse riding and injury protection, a guide, food, shelter.

2-hour routes: Elena- Barzitsa river-Elena; Elena-Tigantsi hamlet-Elena;
4-hour and 5-hour routes: Elena – Maryan Monastery – Elena; Elena- Hristovski waterfalls – Elena;
A day long routes: Elena- Niychovtsi village/ Ostrets mount – Hristovski waterfalls – Maryan monastery – Elena;
Two day routes : Elena – Niytchovtsi village/Ostrets mount – Hristovski waterfalls – Maryan monastery- Elena; with an overnight sleep in a tent camp at the foot of mount Ostrets /Niytchovtsi village/
Five day route : Elena- Bebrovo village – Konstantin village – Elena

Address: Elena, “Kilajevtsi” str, Jovchevata house
Phone number : 0896 668241 GPS: 42.922618,25.91893

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