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Protected areas and reserves

Бяла крава 1
  On the territory of Elena municipality there are two reserves - "White Cow" and "Haidushki chukar." They are declared in order to preserve the century old beech forests. The reserves are two pearls in the green necklace of Elena balkan. Except for the magnificent rock formations, over 99% of the area is covered with green sea of old beeches.
   Protected areas are part of the reserve buffer areas "Savchov chair" and "Blue Beach". Protected sites are the areas "Elephant" and "Waterfall".

    Elena Municipality is perhaps one of the few municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria, whose territory is occupied largely by protected areas and sanitary protection zones. In the southern end of the municipality is situated the reserve "White Cow", located entirely in the forest area near the village of Kostel and covering an area of 91 ha. This area was declared a reserve in 1968 in order to "preserve the pristine nature in the future of the old beech forest." In 1986, around the reserve was declared a buffer zone located within the SF Elena, SF Tvarditza and SF Stara Reka, with total area of ​​226.8 hectares, including 192.6 hectares on the territory of SF Elena.

IMG 5518   On the territory of the municipality of Elena, in the village of Kostel, covering an area of ​​113.8 hectares of forests, is located part of the buffer zone of the reserve "Savchov chair". The reserve is on the territory of the municipality of Veliko Tarnovo.

   Another reserve, covering an area of ​​34 hectares, is located in the village of Buynovtsi in the region called "Haidushki chukar."

   Protected landmark is the "Waterfall" on Miikovska river in the land of Hristovtsi neighborhood, the area of Ruhovci village covering a territory of 3 ha where the water falls from a height of 9 m. Characteristic for the place are remarkable geological formations, plant species and communities of interest to science, culture and tourism development.

Protected areasin the municipality of Elena are:

      -  Protected area, consisting of 21 pieces of trees ( white and black pine) planted by order of Prince Alexander Batenberg. The trees are 120 years old;
     - Centuries old tree "Elephant", the area of Todevtsi village;
     -  Protected area "Visikata koria" , the area of Bebrovo village;
     - Protected area "Waterfall" on Miykovska river, the territory of Elena municipality.