The forests in Elena Balkan are very rich and they are characterized with huge biodiversity. The climate, the mountain terrain and the diversity of trees, shrub and grass vegetation create conditions for mass rearing of big and small game. With great potential is the development of economic activities on the basis of wild plants, berries and herbs. The diversity of the protected areas and zones is a useful resource for the development of alternative forms of tourism.

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   Elena municipality is rich in forest vegetation, which falls into two zones: zone of oak and beech - coniferous zone. The highest prevalence of the deciduous tree species are: oak / winter oak, oak / hornbeam / plain and brown / sycamore, lime, beech and others. As their companions we can meet elm, maple, ash, cherry, pear, crab and more. Most of the bushes often found are: hawthorn, dog rose, hazel, dogwood and others. Some of these trees have recently been cut down and replaced by planted conifers, mainly black and white pine. In the area of ​​beech forests occur in less forestation with spruce and fir. The biodiversity relies on natural seed regeneration.

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   Elena Balkan is rich in herbs, mushrooms and berries. Some herbs are very popular - chamomile, St. John's wort, yarrow, lady's bedstraw, nettle, thyme, rose hips and others. There are also many types of mushrooms. The most common are chanterelles, porcini, forest mushroom, thrush and others. From wild fruit you can find blackberry, raspberry, wild strawberry, cultivated and grown, and chokeberry.

   The game diversity is great. From the big game there are deer and, more recently, wild boar, bears, wolves, jackals, foxes, badgers, martens, martens and others.
   Representatives of small game are hares, partridges, quails and others. High in the mountains of the municipality you can meet hawks, falcons and many small birds.

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  On the territory of Elena municipality are located two reserves - "Biala krava", located on the land of Kostel village and reserve "Haidushki Chukar" located on the land of Buynovtsi village. There are barbell and chub in the rivers. The sparkling and cold mountain streams are home for Balkan trout. The river trout is artificially bred.
   In "Yovkovtsi" dam are bred carp, bream, carp, catfish, perch and others; rare, threatened and endemic species."