Rayuvski cromleh

 It is already called Rayuvski Cromleh and soon will attract with its uniqueness tourists from close and far.  It is built like recently opened cromlechs in our lands, dating from about six centuries BC.According to studies by Bulgarian archeologists, the stone facilities were used by the Thracians for a calendar and weather reporting, something like an astronomical observatory.The Cromlehs say a lot about the way of life and the culture of the ancient Thracians.Their religion was unthinkable without rituals, and the Cromleh was most commonly used for them.Its name comes from the Breton's phrase of a circle and a stone. The megalithic facilities were built of large stone blocks arranged in a circle or in several concentric circles and reached up to 100 m in diameter.The most famous cromlehs in Europe are in Breton, France and Stonehenge in England.
CIMG8207The winding of the megalith complex in the picturesque village of Rauvtsi is from the summer of 2017.Cromleh is another patriotic initiative of a Bulgarian with a strong roots in those places, where wandered with his detachment the legendary Valchan voivoda.Two years ago a tireless for good works Bulgarian with the help of donors and supporters raised the only monument of the fighter for freedom - there on VALCHOVA meadow over Rayuvtsi village near the ancient oak, the old churchyard and the new chapel.Between the temples are arranged the huge stone blocks, each with its message towards the people coming to this touched by God place.
Every nation has a star that charges it with light energy.Some nations have no star but a planet.One day these nations will not be able to survive.In the unusual atmosphere they will suffocate.A nation that has a planet instead of a star will burn out like a candle in a strong wind. Bulgaria has not only a star, but a whole constellation. "

    The wise words of the prophet Vanga are carved on the tallest stone and will certainly cause thoughts to everyone about the world, about his life and the future that awaits him. This is also the meaning of the idea of the creator of the Rayuv cromleh - that every word should echo deeply in the human soul and cause reflection.
   „Do not be afraid, the darkest is before dawn!“ – are shining under sunlight the words of Slava Sevrukova, the spiritual sister of Vanga. In her prophecies about the Bulgarian people, she says that it will not be so depressed for a long time, and the time when the world will appreciate us again will come .
   Today, in the time of difficulties and trials, the Bulgarians need the optimistic predictions of its seers and phenomenons. And their messages from the Rayuvtsi stone circle inspire faith in the better future, people not to be humiliated but with their own power to make the change.
 „Enjoy the difficulties - they are the engine of life, attract the eyes the words of the most afflicted clairvoyant, the prophet of the people, Grandfather Vlaicho. The higher the soul, the more challenges it has to go through.The Bulgarian root is healthy, deep and stingy.Our nation will survive in the coming trials. “   Confirmation of this are the written on two stones thoughts of the teacher Peter Danov about the philosophy of life, faith, knowledge and wealth.And between the two stones is the admiration of the great Ainstein: A whole world worships me and I bow before the spiritual master Peter Danov from Bulgaria!The patriotic man from Rayuvtsi village found place in the unique cromleh for the great personalities of Bulgaria.  The message of Paisii Hilendarski is in the form of an open parchment and begins with the first letters of our alphabet.A few familiar thoughts of Botev, Levski,Stefan Stambolov are one reason for reflection. „An exam for everyone is needed, because there are examples.Today is a man and tomorrow an ass.Let's love the one who shows us the error. Otherwise he is not our friend.Works are needed, not words! "/ Vasil Levski /, „Loss is a lesson for the smart man“./Stefan Stambolov/, „Only the one who is free can he be called a man in the full sense of the word. "/ Hristo Botev /.

   The writing of the stone blocks will be interrupted so far with that of the trusted recommendation of King Boris III: "When you see a flood, do the water, not to overflow the whole field."
   Atanas Stoyanov is the sculpture that carved over 4,000 letters, signs and symbols of the messages, along with the esoteric signs on a separate stone block.He has no right to make a mistake.. The talented artist is from Burgas.He graduated from the University of Veliko Tarnovo and has been teaching sculpture, painting at the School of St. Cyril and St. Methodius in Burgas, Elena's son-in-law. The village and the whole beauty of the Balkan are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for every artist.