Chumerna peak

   Peak Chumerna (1536м.) situated in Middle Balkan mountain, is the highest peak in Eleno-Tvardishka part of the mountain. The south slopes are slant and occupied by beech forests.
   Near it is situated hut "Chumerna". There is a slope, marked pedestrian routes, Across the peak passes European Tourist Route E3 in the part hut Bukovets,-Aglikina Meadow-the pass Vratnik.

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   Historically peak Chumerna is connected with Panayot Hitov and his detachment. About the peak he wrote: “When you come to Chumerna in front of your eyes appears a great view… You can see Elena, Bebrovo and Veliko Tarnovo, you can see Gabrovo. When you look to the south you can see plains and many rivers, you can also take a look at Danube to see ridges and bushes, forests bathed in the golden rays of the Bulgarian sun; you can see the red tiles between the green plains, white houses are peering between the plum-trees, walnut-trees, pear-trees, morello-trees; the rivers are shining like silver girdles”.

029116828   Possible routes by car:
-From the town of Elena to hut Chumerna
-From the town of Tvarditsa to hut Chumerna
Possible tourist routes:
-village of Miikovtsi-hut Chumerna-peak Chumerna(3.30 h);
-Hut Bukovets-hut Chumerna-peak Chumerna(2.30h)
-pass Vratnik-Aglikina meadow-peak Chumerna-hut Chumerna(7.30h)