Markov and Raiov stone

Markov stone

   Markov’stone is one beautiful addition to the Bulgarian wealth of rock phenomenon. It is situated 3 kilometers south of the town. The stone is a huge piece of rock that looks if someone has attached it on smaller stones on the ridge. This unusual natural datum makes it seem that there is an unknown hidden power.
   The sizes of the stone are: length- 6 meters, width- 3,5 meters and height 3,2 meters. The huge stone and the area around it are attractive for the tourists and are among the places that are most often visited.

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   According one of the legends Krali Marko was walking across the Bulgarian grounds. While he was walking he saw the huge stone. The stone was on Ostrets peak. Then the brave Bulgarian with his power tried to move the stone, but it was well-attached. Then he grabbed the stone and pitched it to the place where it is now. Immediately after that Krali Marko went to that plat place just before the stone fell. He put some smaller stones and then the big stone fell on them.While the stone was falling it hit Krali Marko on the little finger. You can still see the blood on the stone.

Raiov stone

   Raiov Stone consists of many scattered stones south of Markov Stone, on the crest of the ridge of the village Usoi, 3 kilometers from Elena. Two of the stones are similar to a scutum of a turtle scutum, That’s why they are called The Small and The Big Turtle. On the Big Turtle there is a cauldron with diameter 100 centimeters and several smaller around it. In the foot of the rock there is a whittled off vertical recess, that is used for pilgrimage according to the Christian customs. On the opposite side of the stone, near the base of the stone there is a carved figure of a shaman with a peaked head of a crown and a scepter in the left hand. Above the figure is carved the ancient Bulgarian symbol- IYI.

 Raiov kamuk  The sky turtle is a symbol known by our ancient ancestors. It is one of the oldest symbols of the Space Order and the Earth. Its sign is a closed tangle with an unbroken line. This maze is also called Space Turtle. You can see it also expressed on coins. It also exists as an element on different Bulgarian subjects, musical instruments, ornaments on saddles, embroideries, ornaments on carpets, doors, wooden ceilings, in old houses, in churches, in old books and manuscripts as part of the decoration of the title letters. Tracians knew that the life of the turtle is equal to one big sun cycle. According to the beliefs a turtle lives about 300 and becomes wise and sage and becomes familiar with herbs and magic.

How to get Markov stone grom the town of Elena

Pedestrian route Usoe village - Markov stone - Raiov stone - Usoe village

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