Hristovski Waterfall

   Hristovski Waterfall is located on Miikovska river on the territory of the municipality ofElena.Itwas declareda protected natural landmarkin 1974.Together with the waterfall are protected its adjacent surrounding areas covering an area of ​​3 hectares.The altitude of thewaterfallis400 meters.This natural landmark is located south of Hristovtsi neighborhood by Ruhovtsi village.
  The western wall of the river bed are cliffs from where
with the help of experienced instructors you can descend through alpine rappel down to the river.No doubt that in summer it is very attractive to descend with the aid of an Alpine rappel right to the Waterfall.Other options are: rope trolley over the river and passage through a specially constructed route around the waterfall using alpine equipment.
The falling from a height of 9 meters water crashes into the rocky bed of the river and forms brilliant fireworks of tiny water droplets.In summer the water decreases, but is very warm and good for sun bathing.The Waterfall is one of the most popular local tourist attractions.

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   This phenomenon can be reached when you follow a specially marked for this purpose trail.Following this route you will have the chance to admirethe lovely and wonderful places and breathe the fresh mountain air.The routelasts2.30 hours.
The easier way to access is to drive to detour from the main road just above Ruhovtsi village (right in the center of the village there is a sign for the waterfall).You park your car at the turnoff and continue your walk on foot.The Waterfall itself will be reached in ten minutes.

The area is an ideal place to escape from the busy life and the noise of the city.By the waterfall there are green meadows, which are suitable for camping or picnic with friends.

     Hristovski Waterfalls- GPS: 42.90181,25.921462
turnoffleading to Hristovski waterfall - GPS: 42.900238,25.927083

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