Park “Kaleto” in Elena town

   In the past “Kaleto” was the name of a hill, located over Elena town. During the Ottoman rule "Kaleto" was a fort which protected the population of the town of Elena from the raids of Kardzhalimen. In the highest part was a post that watched for the approaching of Kurdzhalii. If the post noticed them, he raised the alarm and all the churches started to ring their bells. This was a signal for the people of Elena to head as quickly as possible to the fortress to defend themselves against robbers. After the kardzhalii time, with material from the ruined fortress in 1836, began the construction of the church "Assumption of Holy Virgin."

   Today the park "Kaleto" is the green oasis of Elena. The park is situated on an area of about 6000 square meters In October 2013; a project implemented by the Municipality of Elena, the park was cleaned and cultivated. There were planted 50 ornamental evergreen shrubs /Twi/ ten chestnut and ten catalpa. New pavilions were built, 15 benches and 15 bins. The updated look of the park makes it suitable for leisure, family walks and games. And the view from there is just amazing, the whole town of Elena is revealed to you and certainly deserves to be "sealed" in a frame.

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   For those who are not familiar with the park and the guests there are ten roads, leading to the park, but there are two main ways to reach it. The first, the shortest and probably the most exhausting is the stairs starting from the main square "Hristo Botev" (behind Pizza "Elena"). Another route is - starting west, bypassing the building of the municipal administration - Elena and "upper square", turn left, first street left again is a steep cobblestone road, diverging in two directions: down - to the Clock Tower and central part of Elena or up along the cobblestone path to the green pearl of the city - park "Kaleto."

IMG 5771   As a part from park “Kaleto” there is a playground, in the same park,separated from the rest of the areas with gazebos and benches, revealing amazing views to Elena. Adjacent to the park is the stadium; there is an outdoor pool for the citizens and visitors of the town, a hall for strength exercises and a sauna. The park is the ideal place for sports games, attractions and events.

Park "Kaleto"- GPS: 42.927096,25.87823