Jidovskata fountain

  The old legend says....
   Many, many years ago in a house with
averanda, vines and slaty garden lived one pretty girl - Rada. Her face was white, her hair braided in two thick braids, her body - thin and slender, and her eyes - blue as the sky above Tarkasheni villageIn the morning and in the evening Rada shouldered the shiny coppers or with patterned pitchers in hand went to get water from the small well. In these places started hanging one unknown dragon - handsome. He quietly contemplated and admired the beauty hidden behind the trunks and branches of trees. One day the dragon met Rada by the well. At first the girl was frightened and thought to run, but the dragon comforted her and confessed that he was in love with her. Radaliked himat first sight, too. They continued to meet bythe well. Sometimes the dragon jumped over the high fence of the house. He swore Rada not to tell anyone about their love ...

   In case you want to find out the end of the story you should go to the fountain!

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   The fountain is located at the southern end of Tarkasheni village. It can be reached by a path starting from the last house of the village. There is a place with an information board, benches and a table.

   By the fountain pass eco routes leading to Boaza Inn and to the town of Elena.

   Jidovska fountain - GPS: 42.955622,25.870613