The king’s well

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     One day the king and the queen decided to go for a walk in the Balkan. They went from the huts of Miiko to the highest summit. Down, the sun was shining, but on the slopes there was mist, and it started raining. Then, they decided that they would call the summit – “Chumerna” (without expecting that someday someone will name a glacier in Antarctica with the same name). Whatever! Let’s get back to the king and the queen.
    When the slope became too steep and the queen felt bad, the guides saw a rabbit, jumping off the path, and started following it. They understood that this road is slighter. You can go on this road, too. They walked some more and decided to take a rest. They took the wine and the rakia and took a refreshment. Do not be surprised if one day you reach the king’s well – to these days the tradition says that everyone will take refreshment with something and put out something for the others. And don’t be surprised if the path twists in the forest.
    Tired, but cheered up, the king and the queen decided to take a rest on the king’s throne. Interesting, but a fact, the king got a blister on the left foot and the queen took of his shoe. The servants brought a large stone to his throne, which you can see today.
    Their road kept up, while they reached the glum summit. Of course, they couldn’t see anything, because of the mist, but they said that they would come again.
    Going down to the huts of Miiko, the king and the queen decided to take a rest. They secluded themselves. Today there is a shelter of love from stone. We will not go into details, but soon after they had an heir!
    Even when they grew old, they often went to the Royal Spring ... because of its frsh water!
    You can come and try it!


Pedestrian route Miikovtsi village - "Chumerna" hut - Chumerna peak

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