Barbecues around Miikovtsi village

    Before you enter Miikovtsi village around Borushtitsa River, south from the sign of the village, there are rest areas with benches, tables and barbecues. The places are attractive destinations for tourists, mostly in the summer season.
   The things that attract the people are the fresh and cold mountain air, the song of the birds and of course – the river, where in the summer time you can swim. In the area grow many landrace herbs, which are pure, because of the lack of pollutants, and they are ideal for home use.
   Miikovtsi village is a heaven for children.No wonder exactly there are made children camps, outdoor schools and entertainments for young and adults.
   Near the sign of the village is built a rope garden to the board “Vililand”, which works in the summer season with an appointment.

   Miikovtsi is a starting point of three major walking routes:
   -  Miikovtsi village – “Chumerna” hut – summit “Chumerna” (4. 00 h.)
   -  Miikovtsi village – “Bukovets” hut (2. 30 h.)
   -  Miikovtsi village – Atlartsi (0. 40 h.)

   And don’t forget – keep the nature clean!!!
    (Please take your waste back with you and use the containers in the town. Its place is not in the forest!)

   For more information - Tourist information centre