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“Boaza Inn” Complex
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The main road Elena - Veliko Tarnovo
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   Elena is the birthplace of some of our most talented renaissance enlighteners - Ilarion Makariopolski, Ivan Momtchilov, Nikifor Popkonstantinov, Stoyan Mihaylovski, brothers Karshovski, Petko Yordanov Todorov and many others. Welcome to explore the historical and cultural heritage of Elena region. Near thetown of Elenaissituated Kapinovskimonastery, too.

    Complex "Boaza Inn" is located in the so called area, 7 km from the town of Elena, in the direction of the main road leading to Veliko Tarnovo. Evryone who has visited this little cosy place in Elena Balkan remains fascinated by the fresh air, untouched by human hand nature and river. An important part of the complex "Boaza Inn" is its preserved old part, the so called "Elena inn" with its 150 years of history, authentic and preserved spirit of our ancestors who have lived in the area.

    The hotel has 12 rooms with three beds, 32 rooms with double beds, 4 suites, 6 deluxe rooms and two penthouses. Each room has its own bathroom,
a TV, a telephone and a minibar. The skillful placement of the buildings combined with the pleasant climate, provide to the guests peace and comfort, and the attractions of the complex are a precondition for one excellent evening or holiday.

   The complex offers to its guests a gym,
a sauna, a swimming pool with jacuzzi, a pool bar, a playground,a park, a parking. An important part of the complex "Boaza Inn" is its restaurant, embodying traditional Elena lifestyle and culture. It has 290 seats and a summer garden with 400 seats, which is located near the pool.

   The restaurant offers live music and orchestra!

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