Miikovtsi village –Chumerna hut - Chumerna peak

  Miikovtsi villageChumerna hut - Chumerna peak – 4 hours

Picture 117    The walking route starts from the the sign of Miykovtsi, 13 km southeast from the town of Elena.Initially the route walk on macadam road along the scenic river Boroshtitsa. There are many places with benches, tables and barbecues, which are ideal for camping and picnics in warm summer days. After about one hour and a half walking, the macadam road reachesa large meadow, where there is a hunting boom and feed for animals, from there the route goes into the woods and becomes steeper, moving on the mountain ribs to the highest part of the mountain.

   In the steepest part you will see a turnout for "bypass route", which also leads to the hut. It is slightly longer, less steep and more attractive with the "royal well" - one refreshing oasis in the mountain.

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   "Chumerna" hut can be reached for 3 hours and a half. It is open the whole year round. There you can relax and have cup of tea made from herbs gathered in the surrounding area.

   You will reach Chumerna peak itself (1536 m) after about 30 minutes walk from the hut. In good weather, the view from the highest part of Elena balkan is unique!
   It is worth seeing!

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    Start point Miikovtsi village GPS: 42.849439,25.932335
    Chumerna hut - GPS: 42.786858,25.959973

   Mountain guide can be hired at Tourist association "Chumerna 1901", town of Elena.