Town of Elena - Hristovski waterfall

Town of Elena - Hristovski waterfall - 3.30 hours

    Undoubtedly this is one of the routes in Elena`s Balkanwhich predisposes to very strong emotions. It starts from the bus station in the town of Elena and continues to the southeast crossing the streets of the town. In the past these streets were neighborhoods where you can certainly feel the atmosphere in which lived and still live the citizens of the town. The route continues along the glades crossing rare meshes groves.
    The sight reveals a wonderful view to the mountains with local notable-Chumerna peak / 1536 m / and Elenaska Valley. Once passing along Hristovtsi neighborhood, a small winding path takes you to the natural landmark-Hristovski waterfall. Miikovska river forms a syncline and the water falls from 15 meters on stepped rock formations. Western wall of the bed is a sheer cliff where with the help of experienced instructors you can descend through alpine rappel to the river.

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  In the area of​​Hristovski waterfall there is a beautiful beech forest. There are tables and benches, a BBQ, where can be organized: a barbecue or a picnic with tasting of typical for the region meat dishes prepared on fire.
In summer season theevent can be combined with a beach by the river.

   Marking: white-red-white in the town of Elena after a turn passes into a white-blue-white.
For getting more details and information about the route visit the Tourist information center. 

Start of the route from the town of Elena (above the bus station): GPS: 42.928274,25.883828
Hristovski waterfall - GPS: 42.90181,25.921462

     Prices formountain guides andinstructors:
    - mountain guide: 40 lv. per day
    Tourist Association "Chumerna 1901" Elena  - 0896693169