Usoe neighborhood - Markov Stone - Rayuv stone - Usoe neighborhood

Usoe neighborhood - Markov Stone - Rayuv stone - Usoe neighborhood- 3:00 hours

   This is one of the most picturesque hiking trails in the region of Elena balkan.
   1. The most used variant of the trail begins at l Usoeto hotel complex where in the upper end of the yard there is an information board with a map telling the legend of Markov stone. From there begins the marking in blue leading to Markov stone - Rayuv stone and then back to Usoe neigborhood . It is a round route and the whole passage will take you about three hours.

      Start point of the route GPS: 42.904797,25.859817

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      2. The other approach starts at 3 km south of the town of Elena, on pass Elena - Tvarditsa passage. If you wish you can get to the start point by car. The route continues with climbing the mountain rock by the natural landmark “Markov stone”.
The legend saysthat this big piece of rock was thrown by Krali Marko / Bulgarian mythical hero / to the Turkish armies leading Bulgarian girls tied on a chain.
  Further the route passes over rocks and there is a wonderful view of the entire Elena valley and northern slopes of The Balkan mountains with its local leader Chumerna peak / 1536 m /.
When reaching the plateau of the mountain ridge, one remains amazed by the bizarre nature - mosses, rocks in shape of needles, turtles and trays, all this in a beautiful oak and hornbeam forest.
  At the end of the plateau can be seen another natural landmark - "Rayuv stone". It is 20 m cliffs and when you get on it before your eyes opens a spectacular view down to "Yovkovtsi" Dam.
  To make the experience of your walk unforgettable with the help of experienced instructors, tourists can descend by the aid of alpine rappel at the foot of the cliff.
The route continues with a descent from the mountain ridge to Usoe neighborhood.

   Start point of the route GPS: 42.897676,25.866619

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     Prices formountain guides andinstructors:
     - mountain guide: 40 lv per day
     - instructors for rope trolley and / or alpine rappel / including equipment / 80 lv
    Tourist association "Chumerna 1901", town of Elena - 0896 693169