The path of the liberators

The path ofthe liberators
Dolni Maryan village – Maryan village- Maryan Monastery – Dolni Maryan village – 3 hours
    Dolni Maryan village is located on the road from Elena to Sliven (Vratnik pass). In the village of Maryan you have to turn left following the direction to Dolni Maryan village. Then you have to cross the bridge over the river.At Bungalows ‘Lucky” you may get more detailed information about the route and marking.
   Then you have to follow the asphalt road in north-east direction after the bungalows. Then the route turns right, crosses the meadow and enters the forest, climbing the rocky hillside with beautiful panoramic views. On this ridge were persecuted Russian soldiers during the Russian-Turkish War, where the name of the route comes from.

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   Then you get to the streamlet in the village of Maryan, from where Maryanska monastery is easily accessible. Ffollowing the asphalt road you get back to Dolni Maryan village.  
  Along the way you will pass by the memorial complex the "Cross", built in memory of the Russian soldiers perished in the area.
  In summer over the river to bungalows "Lucky" there is
a rope trolley where children and adults can descend.

  Bungalows "Lucky", Dolni Maryan village GPS: 42.938548,25.951245
  Maryan Monastery: GPS: 42.931998,25.966827

   Prices formountain guides andinstructors:
   - mountain guide: 40 lv per day
   Tourist association "Chumerna 1901", town of Elena - 0896 693169

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Start point of the pedestrian route: