Emergency medical service in the town of Elena

Address: Elena 5070, "Hadji Iurdan Bradata" Str No 69
GPS: 42.933514,25.876202

   You can seek emergency help on the 112 number

   Number 112 is the uniform European number for all emergency calls. It is dialed without a code by all the mobile networks. It can be dialed from a mobile phone with a locked keypad. The 112 service is 24/7 and completely free. The emergency number saves time – a single 112 call can activate several emergency services. In the 112 system the different authorities from the Ministry of Interior – police, the fire department and the civil protection department; structures of the Ministry of Health care – Emergency medical aid; of the Ministry of Transport – sea administration "Sea rescue" and the Mountain rescue service "Bulgarian Red Cross"

When to call 112

Use the 112 number in cases of sudden and actual treat of life, health, security of the property or in these cases:
• Fires
• Floods
Emergency medical cases
• Crimes
Car accidents
Very strong winds
• Earthquakes
• Industrial failures and other pollutions
• Radiation
• Winter storms
• Doubts about anthrax and other biological agents
• Other accidents

   Number 112 is not an informational number, it does not serve calls of non-emergency character – signals for not working traffic lights, problems with the electricity and water circuit, damaged roads etc.