“Grandpa's Housе” in Ruhovtsi village
Ruhovtsi village
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kids creche
folklore night
taverna for group hire
food can be ordered
TV in main room
bathroom on floor
electric heating
pets allowed
disabled access
rooms for rent
   Ruhovtsi village is located 6 km from the town of Elena. If you follow the road II 53 Gorna Oryahovitsa - Elena - Sliven at the beginning of the town you have to take the right turnoff to the direction Sliven (which is indicated with a sign). After about 5 km you need to take once again to the right. One kilometer after the turnoff you will enter the village.

    The house is located at about 150 m from the centre of the village. Lighted sign will point you to your holiday spot. You will recognize it from a distance by the fluttering flag. Included in the house are 5 bedrooms, two of them have 3 beds, and the other three rooms have two beds. All rooms have its own private toilet and a shower. The guests can prepare their own meals in the kitchen or dinning room. There is a tavern with a fireplace in the yard - outdoor covered grill with oven, dining and recreation area. If you would like, the owners can prepare for their guests baked or roasted lamb, pork, banista (type of pastry), and homemade yogurt.

    If called in advance, the owners of the house provide transportation to guests from the town of Elena to the village of Ruhovtsi.

    It is for sure that in Ruhovtsi village you won`t be bored.

    Close to the house start eco trails leading to the popular waterfall called -Vodopada on Borushtitsa river. Along the river there are picnic tables and BBQ pits. In the river you can fish or swim during the hot summer months. Guests can also fish for a particular fish such as carp at the Yokovotsi Dam. There is a church nearby, some say that during the visit guests can get a feeling of the old revival spirit that once was felt in the church. After visiting the church it is recommended to go to the folk group center. Children can play on the football playground.

    The owners guarantee that guests and their families who stay here will be full of memorable experience from the rich culture and natural surroundings around the house.
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