"House for friends"
Palitsi village
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"House for Friends" is located in the small mountain village of Palitsi, in Elena`s Balkan. The village is 12 km away from the town of Elena on the road to Sliven. The house is located by the courtyard of the school. There is regular public transport from the town of Elena to Palitsi village. Two mountain rivers and a micro dam cross the territory of the village. You can enjoy fishing for barbel, chub, nase and for bream and carp in the dam. If these fishes are a little challenge for you, you can try your luck in Yovkovtsi dam. It is located west of Elena, 17 km away from Palitsi village. Yovkovtsi Dam is inhabited by bleak, roach, bream, perch, catfish, carp, pike, perch and chub.Fishing there is difficult and not always successful, but it is a real pleasure.

   By Miykovtsi village and Chumerna peak, there are ski tracks and facilities providing opportunities for winter sports. The ski tracks are suitable for children and beginners.

   "House for friends" provide accommodation for companies from 6 to 9 people (6 adults can be accommodated in 3 bedrooms; there are extra beds for 2 or 3 children). In the house, there are kitchen combined with dining room, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The dining room offers all amenities to the guests of the house to prepare their food by themselves: kitchen with coffee machine, grill, toaster and utensils. There is a spacious garden with barbecue , as well as satellite TV.

   Guests of the house could:
   Walk around - walk in the woods and neighborhoods surrounding the village.
   Bathing - you have never swum in a mountain river? Neither we had , but trust us! We'll show you pools where you'll find cool and fun in hot summer days.
   ...if it rains...enjoy the silence by the fire place...You will only listen to the sounds of nature.

   The householders will prepare delicious local meals for you or will help you to organize your holidays.

   Quit the routine of everyday life and enjoy the calmliness of the mountains. Where the rhythm of the day is determined by the song of birds and the gentle aromas of herbs.
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