100 national pubs

unnamed   Did it ever happen to you, on Friday night after work you desperately wish to ‘’ burst’’ somewhere.  Only the place not to be the same, the same pub where you drank the last three years, but rather a place that is special with its own atmosphere.A place where you can drink two big brandies, eat well and relax. The truth is that such places still exist.

   The aim of this organization is without much formality to fill this terrible gap, indicating which are the 100 national pubs, where they are and why they are the coolest ones!

   For the town of Elena we recommend ‘’Truhchev``s’’ house, because there the products come from the farm of the boss, and as people say there - it is quite different to get Elena dried pork ham and homemade brandy…Cheers!


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  №60. Town of Elena- Truhchev tavern-in the center of the town of Elena (behind the building of Elena Town Hall)
  Constant 5% discount when purchasing a book or stamping and 5% discount for holders of book staying at guest house Truhchev
    GPS: 42.930057,25.877919